April 22, 2015

Where in the world do you wear a maxi dress?

There is no doubt that maxi dresses are going to be HOT this summer, but I hear a lot of ladies say that they don't really know where to wear them. I am here to help with that! Most ladies feel that maxi dresses are casual and would never consider wearing one to a summer wedding or cocktail party. The truth is, you can wear a maxi dress for any occasion. I am especially loving the idea of wearing a maxi dress to a fancy cocktail party. Just picture yourself wearing a long sleek black cocktail dress with a side slit going up one of the legs, while all the other women opt for the traditional little black mini dress. How boring. I know, I am such a rebel! But just look at these black maxis below! Amazing, right?

Below are four of my favorite maxi dresses from Macy's for formal weddings or dressy evening affairs:

And here are eight of my favorite maxi dresses from Nordstrom to wear casually this summer:

But this question still remains. Can you wear maxi dresses to the office? I have one word. 
Some of you who adore maxi dresses may fight with me on that. The truth is, they are just not professional looking enough. They are meant for fun occasions, which is why you may insist on wearing one to the office, so you can feel like you are having fun. And I totally get it, but you just shouldn't do it. You wouldn't wear ice skates to the beach just because ice skating was your favorite sport would you? 

April 14, 2015

Where to buy a little black dress.....

When in doubt, whip that little black dress out!
You do have one, don't you?

{My little black dress is from TALBOTS and you can find your perfect style by clicking HERE or by simply clicking on the photos above and below}

If you do not have a little black dress, do yourself a favor and find yourself one that fits like a glove and makes you feel terrific every time you put it on. You can wear a little black dress to work, out to dinner, to an evening wedding, and even out shopping on your day off.  Dress it up or dress it down depending on your footwear and accessories. It's best to purchase one that is fairly plain with no embellishments so that you can style it many different ways for many different occasions.

And below you will find some of my most favorite little black dresses of all time! I guarantee at least one of them will be perfect for you.

April 10, 2015

How to wear mixed prints....

......in order to NOT look like a crazy person.

The answer: Very carefully.

Just kidding.

Mixing prints and patterns is super easy and anyone can do it. Some ladies that I encounter believe that mixing it up is for the "young." That really makes me upset! Why do those ladies choose to limit themselves? Dressing up is fun and there is nothing that makes it more fun than putting different prints and patterns together!

Now, I must say, mixing prints may not be for everyone and just because you are seeing it on trend right now doesn't mean you should try it. Everyone has their own style and you are entitled to be who you are and if you don't feel great wearing something, or if you put it on and you feel like you are trying to be someone else, then you should take it off immediately. On the other hand, you won't know how you feel about wearing something if you don't try. So, just try. No harm done.

Here are my tips for mixing prints and patterns in order to not look completely crazy:

1.) Stay within one color family. 

2.) If you introduce another color just make sure one of the patterns is neutral.

3.) Be confident! Don't act shy about your mixed up look. 

4.) Mix only two patterns at a time.

And here are some mix and match scenarios for you: 

flowers & stripes
polka dots & flowers
stripes & polka dots
polka dots & chevron
paisley & tweed
windowpane & flowers
flowers & houndstooth
gingham & polka dots
ikat & stipes
batik & ikat

I seriously could go on and on. But I think you get the idea.

Below are five of my favorite mixed up looks. So, do you think you will try it?

April 8, 2015

My Favorite Vintage Look Alike

Since I am always looking for vintage jewelry to accessorize my modern look, this gold beaded tassel necklace from Talbots really spoke to me!

If it seems to speak to you too, you can find yours by clicking on the photo above or by simply clicking right HERE.

My Newport pants in a beautiful blue shade called Murano glass are from Talbots too...........as well as my metallic gold belt and white shoes. I would most definitely call the shoes true vintage since I bought them at Talbots more than ten years ago. Hard to believe that they are still going strong! You don't usually see white shoes last that long! But when you buy quality, you can't go wrong!

 And speaking of quality, my white wrinkle free blouse is by Ralph Lauren. You will be so glad you have another white wrinkle free blouse hanging in your closet. Even if you already have one. Having two of these baby's is a best practice for any lady who wants to look and feel her best!

Click the photo below to find your perfect Ralph Lauren white wrinkle free blouse or click HERE.

April 1, 2015

I am partial to Persian pickles these days.......

........otherwise known as paisley.

{now say that ten times really fast}

Paisley is a classic pattern that can be worn in spring, summer, fall and winter. The only thing that changes are the colors and fabrics for each season in which paisley patterns are worn, for obvious reasons such as warmth. I can't help but think of some of my favorite 70's rock bands when I am wearing paisley. Queen, David Bowie, The Who and Deep Purple are some of the first to come to my mind. 

While it may seem that the paisley pattern was invented by 70's rock & roll stars, believe it or not, paisley actually originated in Persia around 200-650 AD. I think that it's pretty cool that we still have a soft spot deep in our hearts for this kidney shaped pattern after all this time!

Below is a paisley portfolio that I created to inspire you! And don't worry about paisley being too trendy. Trust me, it's here to stay.

And in case you are wondering about this awesome Tiffany Blue Milano Bag by Alice D that I am carrying, you can find it by clicking
by clicking on the photo of the bag below.
It is pretty awesome, isn't it. It's made in Italy and the leather is incredibly SOFT. The perfect tote for spring!

March 25, 2015

Does your hair really define you.......?

Well, it shouldn't but most of us feel that it does. You hair is your best fashion accessory.  Isn't that what all hair stylists say? I believe that your hair and make-up are your best fashion accessories. But as far as our hair defining who we actually are? No. That's simply not true. We are way deeper than that. No one can see who we actually are because our soul is invisible. I think we tend to use fashion, hairstyles and make-up to portray the person we want to be. Well, let me rephrase that. We actually we tend to use fashion, hair and make-up to define a combination of who we want to be and who we actually are? Yes, I think I just hit the nail on the head.

{Taking one last look at my longish hair as I walk out the door to chop it all off. }

I was growing my hair out. But I hated most things about long hair. So why the hell was I growing it out? I am going to be truthful here. I was growing it out because most people have the image in their mind of long hair when they think of fashion & fashion stylists and most people feel that you only cut your hair when you are "old" or only when you have to because of medical reasons. Or at least that's what I feel that people think. I know not everyone thinks the same, but it seems that is the majority. Long hair is sexy. Short hair is one of two things: Cute, or for old people. Why is sexy better than cute people or old people? Think about that for a minute. When I gave it a thought, I said to myself, it isn't. So, I cut my hair.

{Me, before the cut}

{Me, during the cut and my sweet hair stylist Charlene who I actually LOVE spending the day with btw;)}

{My hair might not have been all that long, but I had a lot of it!}

{This is what took the longest. The foils.}
The foils took the longest because my hair was so dark. Charlene then had to tone my hair to soften the foils so they didn't look yellow. I have to admit, I was a little skeptical about the foils. I really didn't want to be striped or too blonde. That's why it's important to have a hairstylist you love, trust and can talk to openly. Charlene at Nourish is awesome. 

{Meet J.J. He kept me company for the afternoon. He is such a sweet and spry little guy!}

{The finale}
I was really happy with how my new short and chic hair style turned out. I don't miss any part of my longish hair at all. I don't miss the hair falling out in the shower, the mess on the bathroom floor, the dreadfully long drying time. None of it.