October 7, 2015

Whooooo are you....?

I have to admit that I struggle with who I am every day. I think that we all have many different personas that we struggle with. Most of this thought comes from the fact that we know where we came from and our childhood plays a huge part in who we actually are. I struggle with who I am and who the world wants me to be. I know deep inside that I am quiet and creative, and not to sound rude, but I enjoy my alone time to the max. I also love creating wonderful experiences for people and I don't really care if I receive recognition. As long as someone is enjoying an experience that I created for them, I feel completely self satisfied.

I didn't mean to get side tracked there. So lets get back to fashion! As we know, fashion lets you tell a story to the world about who you are. That means we can fool the world and ourselves from time to time. 

Today I chose to wear this lovely Kildare Check Blazer from TALBOTS. You can find it HERE. I couldn't decide if I wanted to wear it with the Flower & Plaid Scarf or with the Owl-Embroidered Sweater. (see the photo's above)

From the photo's below you will see that I chose to wear it with the Owl-Embroidered Sweater today. Stay tuned to see how I wore this jacket with the Flower & Plaid Scarf in my upcoming posts!


One of the things I love most about this jacket is the cute satin lining with the owls on it! I just had to show it to you.

September 4, 2015

Outfit of The Day: Beware, The Pear! (sweater)

While all the fashion bloggers seemed to begin pushing towards fall the second the calendar turned to September, I continue to embrace summer for the next 20 days. Don't get me wrong. I appreciate a nice cool crisp fall day. New England is the place to be if you want to experience some fine foliage. However, I know what comes after fall. Winter. And it doesn't last just a couple of cute months. We don't start to see the temps creep back up over 30 degrees until May! That means a solid seven months of being COLD. It's not fun. 

So, today I continue to embrace summer by wearing this cute little pear sweater from TALBOTS that I have been coveting all spring and summer. I finally bit the bullet and bought it. It's on sale at Talbots for a measly $14.99! I couldn't pass it up. Get yours by clicking HERE or SHOP MY LOOK below:

September 1, 2015

Sarah's House Vintage Jewelry Collection

I am super excited to announce my new partnership with Sarah's House of Maine

Sarah's House is a home where their sole purpose is to provide warm and loving hospitality for cancer patients receiving care at Eastern Maine Medical Center's Cancer Care of Maine. Please feel free to visit the following website to find out more information about the lovely Sarah's House of Maine: sarahshouseofmaine.org

If you follow my blog, you might already know that I am the owner and operator of The Canny Canary Shop which is an online vintage jewelry boutique. I love vintage jewelry and I thoroughly enjoy showing you how to incorporate it into your modern look every day! 

My wonderful lifelong friend, philanthropist and fundraiser Judy Collier, came to me with fifteen lovely vintage jewels from an estate in Ellsworth, Maine a couple of weeks ago. Judy would like to see all of the proceeds from each one of these fine vintage jewels go towards Sarah's House of Maine. Judy is a breast cancer survivor herself and has a strong passion to help those in need of a place to stay while receiving care at Easter Maine Cancer Care Center of Maine. 

Please feel free to click HERE to enjoy browsing The Sarah's House Vintage Collection. Now available at The Canny Canary.


August 25, 2015

Eight Things You Need For Fall Right NOW

You know me, I love summer. But I never said that there was anything wrong with preparing for the cooler months ahead. If you live in New England, you know that the weather cools off quite quickly, so it's important to be prepared. If there were just eight pieces that I would suggest that you buy right now in preparation for fall, these would be them:

1. The Weekend Chino in indigo blue

2. The Quilted Vest in fiesta pink

4. Rory Soft Quilted Leather Elastic Ballet Flats. My personal color preference would be faded petal which is the soft ballet pink shade. 

8. Tartan-Plaid Blouse in fiesta pink.

August 24, 2015

The First Three Steps To Finding Your Style

We all want to look good. But do we know why we want to look good? Is it to impress others, or is it to simply satisfy ourselves? 
{Photo via Much Info}
Fashion is everywhere and these days it's easy to say that anything goes. But does it really? Yes, everyone has the freedom to wear whatever they want, but that doesn't mean it makes them look good. But then again, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right? 

That whole first paragraph was just to get you thinking. Now, you are here reading my style blog, so that must mean that you like fashion or that you need some guidance around fashion. First, the question I would like you to ask yourself is:

Why do I want to look good?

That is the first step in finding your style. Figuring out your "why" is key to just about anything that you want to achieve whether it be finding your style, weight loss or whatever you want to do. Once you figure your why around being fashionable, then you will be on your way to having great style!

The second step to finding your style has to do with stepping out of your comfort zone and being willing to try new things. If you are not willing to take a step out of your box, then forget about fashion. 

And the third step to finding your style is to be confident about who you are. I know this might sound a little crazy, but if you just look in the mirror and stare into your own eyes and accept your flaws, accept that you have made mistakes in life and hopefully learned from those mistakes, and tell yourself that you are beautiful. Some of us are afraid to tell ourselves that we are beautiful because we are afraid that might make us seem cocky. So on that note, there is a balance that you must maintain. You are beautiful, but you are not perfect and you make mistakes and you learn from them every day. 

Now clean out that closet and go shopping!