September 12, 2014

The Eye Of The Tiger

Last week I modeled the zebra print. This week I am showing off the tiger print. I wouldn't say that I am obsessed with animals (I do think they are pretty neat though). I just simply enjoy wearing their patterns from time to time. 

As I sit here and type this, I am now trying to figure out what it is about animal prints that some people either love or hate.

Some people think that animal prints can look trashy. I think that is because some people who have a rebellious attitude in life wear animal prints in order to prove that they are as tough as a tiger, or as fierce as a leopard. Therefore, the way they choose to wear it appears a little bit rough and sometimes just waaaaayyy too much. And if that's you, then all righty. You own it girl!

Then there are those of us who simply like animal prints because we think they look rich, classy and pretty on other people. We wish we could wear them but we are afraid to look like that rebellious lady I just spoke about in the above paragraph. 

If you wish to wear animal prints but fear you might look too rebellious or trashy, then just follow my animal print wearing tips below and I promise you will always look classy:

1) Keep animal print dresses and skirts to the knee and never above. Cover just a little bit of the knee to keep it safe.

2) Wear an animal print accessory such as a belt, scarf or a pair of shoes. But never wear them together. One at a time is all you need.

3) Avoid wearing animal prints in colors that real animals aren't born with. (i.e. purple leopard, lime green zebra, etc.)

4) Make sure that your animal print isn't too big for your body type. Keep it kind of small and you can't go wrong.

5) Never, I repeat, NEVER wear any animal print from head to toe. But then again, everyone knows that ;)


September 11, 2014

Pantone's Favorite Colors For Fall 2014

Ever feel like when you go shopping that you either love everything you see OR you see absolutely nothing that grabs your attention? At Laura's Style, we believe that it all comes down to color. Colors can really set a mood, or a tone for who you are and what you love. Sometimes we just love a color for a specific reason. Maybe it reminds us of something we enjoy, but we just cannot wear it because it looks terrible against our skin and hair tone. (For me, it's pale ballet pink, because I LOVE ballet!) I really hate it when this happens!

Something I have been wondering these days is, who really chooses which colors will be on trend each season? So I did a little bit of research.

I learned that Pantone is THE the authority on color trends, but how do they come to the decision when there are so many colors and shades out there to choose from? I have always thought that Pantone picked the colors first, and then fashion designers use them in their latest collections each season. But the process actually happens in reverse.

In the fashion world, designers show their spring creations in the fall and their fall creations in the spring! So Pantone professionals go and analyze what they are seeing on the runways to represent the season ahead. For instance, Pantone knows what colors are going to be the HOT colors for spring 2015 right now, because the designers have shown off their works of art for spring 2015 already. In fact today is the last day of Fashion Week in NYC! I didn't make it there again this year. Maybe next year will be my year.

Pantone not only uses the fashion industry to decide on their latest color trend report. They also use the "entertainment industry and films that are in production, traveling art collections, hot new artists, popular travel destinations, and other socio-economic conditions," says a press release as of late.

Pantone does a fabulous job when choosing the color trend for each season. You personally may not be attracted to some of the colors and many of the colors may look terrible on you, but notice how they always include at least one color you can wear? How brilliant! And as for those colors you cannot wear, try decorating a room with those. I am positive that you will find a version of all those colors at your favorite home improvement store!

Which colors from Pantone's fall 2014 trend report will you be wearing?

September 10, 2014

It's All Black & White To Me

There is just something about black and white. It always looks great. It's simple. You don't even really have to think about it. You can just put it on and you know you look great. 

As much as I love wearing color, black and white are my two favorite non colors to go to when I have no clue of what I am going to wear. Yes, I just let you in on my little secret. I too have days that I just don't know what to put on. Not something you would expect a fashion stylist to say. But we are all only human. Perfection is only an illusion. And pictures only tell the story that you want them to tell.


September 9, 2014

Can You Spare A Square?

For a while now we have seen the big flowy long rectangular shape scarves being flaunted all over the fashion forefront. And as we are just beginning to learn how to tie those over-sized gorgeous pieces of fabric, the smaller square silky scarves are making a comeback. 
We are so thrilled to get on board with this old yet new trend here at Laura's Style. We have always admired the colors and the designs of these shiny squares. They are a work of art!
{VOGUE September issue 2014}

Below is a really fantastic video on how to tie these little guys. These classic ties will NEVER go out of style!


September 8, 2014

Manly Monday Q & A

This weeks Manly Monday question comes from Evan in Colorado. He asks "Are pleated pants still "in" for men? Or should I choose no pleats for a dressed up look?"

Good question Evan. Scroll down a little and lets see what advice Terry, the most stylish IT guy we know, gives us about pleated vs. non pleated pants for men:
{photo via Fitted Suits For Men}

Terry: "Hmmm. Are pleated pants still "in" for men?"........

"Well, currently, pleated pants certainly are considered "out" and plain-front pants are definitely the rage. 


Plain-front pants have a more "modern" look to them, while pleats are seen as dated. However, I think pleated pants can look every bit as stylish (or in some cases even more so) as plain-front pants when worn right. By design, pleated pants are made to be worn higher on the waist, which can help elongate the body. Conversely, plain-front pants are worn lower, and can help someone taller look more proportional. Regardless, you want to make sure they fit you properly, as you don't want the pleats ballooning out, or the pockets of plain-front pants sticking out like ears. 

Ultimately, the choice is up to the person wearing them, and which ones they feel look best on them."

Thank you Terry for that bit of advice!

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